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superior leadership qualities

  • Select an existing organization whose practices exemplify superior leadership qualities. A good place to start your research is Fortune Magazine’s annual ranking of “The World’s Most Admired Companies”.
  • Within the selected organization, who is the major figure(s) that demonstrates high levels of quality leadership? What characteristics, traits, and behaviors does this individual(s) exhibit?
  • Does the organization’s culture firmly support the leader’s(s’) short- and long-term objectives and actions?
  • If the individual(s) left the organization, would it affect the firm’s growth, productivity, customers, employees, vendors, etc. Be specific in your examples.
  • What steps can the organization take to ensure that quality leadership practices are properly developed and executed in the future? 

Guidelines for Written Assignments 

  • You are required to submit a 5 to 7 page research paper on the topic listed above.
  • Find peer reviewed articles from online journals through the CUNY online library. You may access the library after logging into the main BlackBoard website.
  • The paper must include at least 2 academic citations from top management/business journals.
  • Articles from magazines such as Fortune, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, etc., are not acceptable. You may use such articles as supplementary resources to complement your research, but your 2+ core references MUST come from academic journals. You may also use your required textbook for supplementary materials.
  • Papers should be double-spaced / 1 inch margins / 12 point Times New Roman Font and submitted as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) document.
  • You must include a reference list at the end of your paper and cite your sources throughout using APA standards. If you have any questions on this format, please let me know.
  • Copying material exactly or very closely from any source without using quotation marks and citing your source is plagiarism and will results in an automatic zero for that assignment. Your paper will be scanned to detect plagiarism.
  • Late submissions will result in point deduction.
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