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Plagiarism is a big no-no for any assignment. And slickwriters.com what to help you make sure you avoid it all costs. Custom essays are essays that are custom written just for you. They ensure that there will be no plagiarism to be found in any of your essays. 


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We complete all papers from scratch free of plagiarism. You can get a plagiarism report if you so need.

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We pride ourselves of timely deliveries – 99% of our projects are completed in time.


All the Information shared on our website are is confidential and are never disclosed to third parties.

Unlimited Revision

\Incase our client is not satisfied, we review the work until he is satisfied but we endeavor to give the best

*We are proud to say that we’ve scored a 96% customer satisfaction rate*

How Do I Make an Order for a Custom Essay?

  • The length of the custom paper in either pages or words
  • The academic level at which you are studying to ensure you have the right depth in the paper
  • Your deadline. Tell us when you want the paper delivering. If it’s urgent, you can have it in just six hours.
  • The type of custom essay you need